New Spousal Document Checklist – Part 2 – Effective January 31, 2017

With the new sponsorship application procedures streamlined, the immigration department has also revamped the documents needed for common law applications.

IF YOU ARE COMMON-LAW AND CURRENTLY LIVING TOGETHER (or have lived together for 12 full months), provide the following:

  • Joint ownership of residential property or joint residential leases or joint rental agreements listing both of you as joint tenants/owners; (Minimum 1 document)
  • Proof of joint utilities accounts (electricity, gas, telephone); (Minimum 1 document)
  • Documents showing you both reside at the same address, such as government issued identification documents (driver’s licenses, insurance policies); (Minimum 1 document)
  • Letters, printed text messages, emails or social media conversations showing your communication with each other (maximum of 10 pages);
  • Proof of visits to see each other, such as airline tickets, boarding passes, photocopies of passport pages showing entry-exit stamps supporting visits;
  • Photos of that demonstrate you are in a common-law relationship.  Provide a maximum of 20 photographs to support your relationship (taken at different times and places).  Write your name and date of birth on the back of each photo and provide a brief description of the context on the back of each photo;
  • Proof of financial dependency on one another (e.g. a bank statement in both of your names sowing household expenses are being paid from the account); (Minimum 1 document)