New Spousal Document Checklist – Effective January 31, 2017

With the new application process for spousal applications effective January 31, 2017, the first questions asked by immigration are as follows.

  1. Are you and your spouse currently living together?
  2. Do you or your spouse have at least one child together?
  3. Is this a first marriage for both you and your sponsor?
  4. Have you and your sponsor been married for minimum of two years as of the date of the application?

If the answers to all of the above four questions are “yes”, then the list of documents required by immigration to support the spousal sponsorship are minimal and the documents required include:

  • Joint ownership of residential property or joint residential leases or joint rental agreements listing both of you as joint tenants and/or owners; (Minimum 1 document)
  • Proof of joint utilities accounts (electricity, gas, telephone); (Minimum 1 document)
  • Important documents showing you reside at the same address, such as government issued identification documents (driver’s licenses, insurance policies); (Minimum 1 document)

If, however, an individual answers “no” to any the four questions above, then the following additional documents will be needed:

  • Photos of your wedding, customary celebrations, engagement and/or outings. Provide a maximum of 20 photographs to support your relationship (taken at different times and places). Write your name and date of birth on the back of each photo and provide a brief description of the context on the back of each photo;
  • Documents to show that you are recognized as each other’s spouse (such as employment or insurance benefits); (Minimum 1 document)
  • Documentary evident of financial support between you;
  • Other proof that your relationship is recognized by our friends and/or family (e.g. letters or social media information showing a public relationship).

Next week I will provide the specific documents needed if you are living in a common law situation of more than 12 months.