122 Spousal Sponsorship Interview Questions for Canadian Immigration

If you have made an application for your spouse or common law partner and have been scheduled for an interview by Canadian Immigration, your first concern will be the nature of the questions to be asked. In the case that you are both attending, you must understand that the interview will be conducted separately to ensure that you do have a joint life together.

Here are some sample questions used to prepare a foreign spouse who is being interviewed at a Canadian consulate abroad and her husband is a Canadian resident living in Victoria BC.

  1. How did you meet?
  2. How did the relationship develop?
  3. Describe the first time that you met and give full particulars?
  4. Who proposed?
  5. When was the first proposal?
  6. When was an engagement ring given?
  7. When did you get the engagement ring?
  8. When did you receive the wedding ring?
  9. Where was the wedding ring purchased?
  10. Did you exchange pictures before your meeting?
  11. Where does your husband work?
  12. What is the name of the business where he/she works?
  13. What is his occupation?
  14. How long has he been doing his job?
  15. What education does he have?
  16. Where did he work before his present job?
  17. What city did he work in before his present job?
  18. What city does he work in now?
  19. How big is the city where he lives?
  20. Where did he get his education?
  21. How long has he been in Canada?
  22. When did he immigrate to Canada?
  23. When did he get his permanent residency?
  24. What is the address where he lives?
  25. What is his birth date?
  26. Does he own his own home or does he rent?
  27. Describe the home.
  28. How many bedrooms do the home have?
  29. Who lives in the house?
  30. How long have the individuals been living with him?
  31. Will it not be crowded if you move in?
  32. Are the individuals going to remain there after you move into the home?
  33. What do those individuals do?
  34. Describe the scenery where Victoria is located.
  35. Describe Vancouver Island.
  36. Where is Victoria located in Canada?
  37. Have you seen pictures of his home?
  38. How many cars does you husband have?
  39. What kind of cars are they?
  40. What colour are they?
  41. What are your husband’s work hours?
  42. How many days a week does he work?
  43. How much money does he earn?
  44. Does he have any savings?
  45. What is the value of his house?
  46. How many brothers does your husband have?
  47. How many sisters does your husband have?
  48. Name all the brothers and sisters.
  49. Where do they live?
  50. Why did his relatives not come to your wedding?
  51. What was his mother’s name?
  52. Who sponsored your husband to Canada?
  53. What where the circumstances under which he came to Canada?
  54. What was the political situation he left?
  55. What cousins of your husband did you meet at the wedding?
  56. Who are they, what is their names, where do they live and what do they do?
  57. How many people attended the wedding?
  58. How many of your family attended the wedding?
  59. Name the close relatives that attended.
  60. Where did you go after the wedding?
  61. Did you have a honeymoon?
  62. What hotel did you stay in?
  63. What restaurants did you go to?
  64. What cities did you visit?
  65. Did you share the same bed?
  66. Did you have sex?
  67. Where did you stay after the honeymoon?
  68. Did you stay with your relatives?
  69. What gifts did he give to you prior to your marriage?
  70. What kind of music does your husband like?
  71. What did you do in the days before the interview?
  72. Are you working?
  73. What do you do?
  74. Where do you work?
  75. How much money do you make being self-employed?
  76. What times does your husband get up in the morning?
  77. What time do you get up in the morning?
  78. What activities do you share in common with your husband?
  79. Describe the common activities you have shared while he has been with you
  80. What are your personal interests?
  81. What do you do in your spare time?
  82. What are your husband’s personal interests?
  83. What does he do in his spare time?
  84. Do you love your husband?
  85. Does he love you?
  86. What are your plans for the future?
  87. Do you plan to have children?
  88. Have you had any previous physical relationships stemming from the internet?
  89. Has your spouse had any physical relationships from the internet?
  90. Has your spouse met any of your family? Describe when and where.
  91. How do they get along?
  92. When you go the Canada, what do you intend to do?
  93. What gifts does your husband given to you?
  94. Where did he buy the engagement ring?
  95. Where did he buy the wedding ring?
  96. What kind of music does your husband listen to?
  97. What do you talk about on the telephone?
  98. How often do you talk on the telephone?
  99. What kind of messages to you send back and forth?
  100. What do you talk about in those messages?
  101. What are his favorite sports?
  102. What are your favorite sports?
  103. Whose computer do you use to text message?
  104. How much money has your husband sent to you over the last two years, and when?
  105. What type of movies do you like?
  106. What type of movies does your husband like?
  107. What kind of foods does your husband like?
  108. Does he have any medical problems?
  109. Is he allergic to any foods?
  110. How many children do you want?
  111. How much money do you think you need to make?
  112. Have you talked about finances with your husband?
  113. Have you talked about expenses?
  114. How will the household chores be shared when you come to Canada?
  115. Who will do the laundry?
  116. Who will do the cooking?
  117. Who will do the gardening?
  118. What are some of the activities that you will have to do with your husband when you live in Canada?
  119. Will you take English classes?
  120. How will you travel from your home to the English class?
  121. How far is your husband’s home from downtown Victoria?
  122. Will you learn to drive?