Canadian Spousal Sponsorship Process – Two Avenues

Considering Canadian spousal or common law sponsorship?

There are two methods under which an application for sponsorship and permanent residence can be made.

The Immigration department provides an inside and outside of Canada process. Which process is applicable to you and your partner will depend on whether the foreign national needs a visa for Canada or not. If there is no possibility of getting a visa, then the sponsor and the foreign national can only use the outside of Canada process. Occasionally individuals want to apply for visitor visas for their fiancée or potential marriage partner to come to Canada to familiarize the person with Canadian life and the spouse’s Canadian lifestyle. Unfortunately Canadian consulates often refuse such visas deeming that such a visit is not for temporary purposes, but for permanent relocation.

If an individual does not require a visa to Canada, entry is easier and an inside Canada application can be made. Often the foreign national may already be in Canada on an IEC (international experience class) status, a work permit or a study permit and may meet a future Canadian spouse. In that case an inside Canada application can be made.

It is important to note that if an inside Canada application is made extensive time spent outside of Canada is not recommend. Inside of Canada applications require the person to live in Canada during the processing time. Thus if a person has need to be outside of Canada substantially then an inside of Canada process is not recommend at all.

The outside of Canada process allows freedom of travel in and out of Canada if you have a multiple entry visa or if you are from a visa-exempt country. However with an outside of Canada application there is no option of a work permit and the individual may have to stay in Canada as a visitor during the processing.

Inside Canada Process


Outside Canada Process