What does CIC consider to be non-routine spousal case?

The posted processing times for spousal applications reflect generally the time taken to process about 80% of the files received by CIC. The remaining 20% are considered “non-routine” and the delayed processing times can be attributed to a number of reasons. Here are some reasons CIC cites as to why cases can take longer to process or even result in refusal:

  • medical, security or criminal issues;
  • suspected relationship or dissolution of convenience;
  • misrepresentation of marital status at time of marriage;
  • previous deportation;
  • inability to support self and family members due to legal obligations or other reasons;
  • relationship of applicant to sponsor or applicant to other family members in doubt;
  • marital status of family member suspect;
  • sponsor under investigation for violation of IRPA; or
  • outstanding criminal charge against sponsor.
  • legal validity of foreign marriage in question (marriage which occurred in country other than in processing mission’s area of responsibility);
  • custody of children of applicant;
  • residence status of sponsor in doubt;
  • delays created by applicant not following instructions;
  • communications not received by mission or by applicant (unreliable postal system, mission not informed of change of address);
  • family members and principal applicant residing in different countries and processing coordination difficulties occur;
  • applicant previously removed or excluded from Canada.